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7 Things Women Look For in a Man

[ad]Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder but a new study claims attractiveness is simply down to mathematics.   So, what makes a man attractive to a woman?

1. Both Sides of Him Match

The more symmetrical his face, the more attention a man is likely to get. Studies have shown that Mother Nature makes the most beautiful people match both sides. In research, women are more likely to pick a man with a symmetrical face than not and figures show that people with symmetrical bodies usually lost their virginity much younger and have more sexual partners than their lop-sided pals.

2. His Look Matches Your Mood

Women go for different types depending on what she wants from a relationship at that time. In an experiment which allowed women to control the features on a computer generated face, they said they felt safer with men who also had a slightly feminine look.
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3. He Walks the Walk

American human behavioralist David Lieberman says men who walk  with a manly stride ooze sex appeal. He notes  flexibility is what makes people look young when they walk and looking young is always a winner in the sexy stakes.

4. Beware of the Scar

Studies revealed that women find scarring on men attractive because they connect it with health and bravery. Non-Western cultures perceive facial scars as signs of maturity and strength - but researchers found that Western women also find facial scars attractive.

5. Others Find Him Sexy

University of Aberdeen psychologist Ben Jones and his team tested the impact that the opinions of others has on our perception of beauty. They were shown a video in which the same faces were displayed. Each man was being looked at by a woman smiling or one showing a bored expression. The women were more attracted to the men being smiled at, proving we are influenced by what others think. Men were given the same test but rated those who got approving female glances as less attractive.
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6. He is Successful and Good Looking

Tests show that younger women rely more on physical attractiveness than older women who also take wealth, stability, power and faithfulness into account. This demonstrates the good sense of the older woman since studies prove that less attractive men are more faithful and loving than handsome men.

7. And… He Looks Like a Chimpanzee!

A study of the skulls of human ancestors and modern humans found that women like men with relatively short upper faces. Females liked males whose faces were more scrunched proportionately between the brow and the upper lip. According to a study at the Natural History Museum in London, men with similar facial patterns to chimpanzees, are most attractive. Maybe to Englishwomen!

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